Senior Wellness

Taking Special Care of Aging Pets

When our pets become seniors can vary based on species, size and breed of your pet
However, in general our pets are considered seniors at seven years old.

As our pets move into their senior years, they experience changes similar to people.
Diseases that affect older people also affect our pets as they age:
• Kidney disease
• Heart
• Liver disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Arthritis and more

There are many variables, including genetics, environment, and nutrition, that can affect your pet’s health. Understanding these changes in your pet, and how you can provide for their needs, is essential to their quality of life.

While an annual exam may be sufficient for younger animals, we recommend an exam be performed every six months for senior pets. It is important to remember that one year in the life of your pet is equivalent to 4-7 years in ours. This means our pets age at a much faster rate than people, so even a bi-annual exam would be like seeing your doctor every 2 - 3.5 years.

Annual blood work is also very important. It can be used to detect early-stage disease when control or prevention is possible, and more cost effective. This annual
diagnostic tool also provides a baseline that your veterinarian can use to monitor changes in our pets as they continue to age.

Companion offers a Senior Wellness Plan that includes two complete physical exams, six months apart, along with comprehensive blood work, urinalysis, and a fecal analysis. Call us today if you would like additional information or to find out if this would be appropriate for your pet.

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