The Management Staff

Tech Lead 2022

Angie Rouse - Head Veterinary Technician

Angie is a local girl, growing up in Bellevue and attending Newport High School and Bellevue Community College. She joined Companion in 1995 as a veterinary assistant, and through continuing education and training became a Veterinary Technician. In mid-2008 Angie took on the challenging role of leading the tech department. Angie lives in Bellevue with her husband Craig. They have a daughter Taylor and son Nolan as well as a dog named Delta (pictured with) and a fat orange tabby cat named Mittens. 

Sam R 2019

Samantha Ramsay - Animal Care Manager

Samantha is very passionate about animal care and working in the veterinary field. She started in the Animal Care department at Companion Animal Hospital in September of 2016. While at Companion, developing her strong work ethic, attention to detail and leadership qualities, her passion grew so much that she transitioned into the challenging role of Animal Care Lead in April of 2019. Currently, Samantha lives with her fianc√© Andreja and fur family in Redmond enjoying the outdoors of the PNW. 

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