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Dog Day Care, Pet Vaccinations, Veterinary Surgery & Other Veterinary Services in Bellevue, WA

Below are some of our favorite links you may find helpful.

River Dog Canine Coaching - Located in Issaquah, River Dog is an exceptional training and behavior center offering everything from basic puppy classes to coaching for behavior problems

VetStreet - Trusted resource for everything pet related!

The Yellow Dog Project - was created to help dogs that need space; such as a dog who is in training, is being rehabilitated, has health issues or is recovering post-surgery, or is scared or reactive around other dogs. The premise is this: if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or something yellow on the leash, this is a dog who needs some space. Please do not approach this dog with your dog. Please maintain distance or give this dog and his or her person time to move out of your way. Visit their website for additional information and resources.

Seattle Humane Society - Located in Bellevue, the Seattle Humane Society is not only a great resource for pet adoptions. They have outstanding volunteer and fostering programs, house "The Pet Food Bank", offer information about pet loss and grief support, have spay and neuter programs, training classes, and much more.

Pet Poison Helpline Website - The Pet Poison Help Line is poison control for all species of pets. Call their hotline 24/7 if your pet ingests something that may be poisonous for direction and advice. They are staffed by multiple board-certified veterinary specialists and veterinary toxicology experts. Their website provides an extensive list of possible toxins by category, as well as great pet safety tips and other educational information for pet owners. They also have a toll free number to call for immediate help and advice for a fee. The service is affiliated with the University of Minnesota. Pet Poison Hotline 855-886-7965 $39.95 per incident

Old Dog Haven - A wonderful local rescue group specializing in senior dogs

Purina Veterinary Diets

Hills Pet Nutrition

Royal Canin Pet Foods

CEVA Animal Health - Feliway and Adaptil products

Novartis/Elanco Animal Health - Atopica medication: "Atopica Comfort Club" 

Zoetis Animal Health - Rimadyl, Apoquel, Revolution and more - Rewards Program (Click on pet owners, then rewards - top right of screen)

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