New Puppy And Kitten Plans

Keep Your Precious New Puppy or Kitten Healthy With the Proper Vaccinations & Veterinarian Services

Prepaid Puppy and Kitten Health Plans

Our veterinarian practice offers pre-paid puppy and kitten plans that include all of the care your new puppy or kitten needs during the first year of life. This includes a series of pet vaccinations, dewormings, and physical exams at every visit. We also include a Puppy or Kitten Kit that includes endless information regarding everything puppy or kitten! You may also want to check out our "favorite links" page for great resources for your new pet.

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Your puppy’s prepaid health program includes a series of three to four distemper—parvovirus pet vaccinations based on your puppy’s age, a series of two bordetella vaccines, a series of two leptospirosis vaccines, a rabies vaccine, fecal exams to detect intestinal parasites until 20 weeks of age, and four routine dewormings. Also included on this plan is a microchip and unlimited physical examinations at no additional charge until your puppy's first birthday.

*Please note: spay/neuter surgery is not included in this plan


Your kitten’s prepaid health and vaccine program includes a series of three feline distemper/upper respiratory virus pet vaccinations based on your kitten’s age, a series of two Feline Leukemia vaccines, a rabies vaccine, an ear swab to detect ear mites, multiple fecal exams to detect intestinal parasites until 20 weeks of age, and three routine dewormings. Unlimited physical examinations are also included in this plan at no additional charge until your kitten’s first birthday.

*Please note: microchips are not included in our Kitten Plans
**Please note: spay/neuter surgery is not included in this plan

Why is it So Important to Visit Our Veterinary Clinic When You Get a New Puppy or Kitten?

If you have a new puppy or a kitten, it’s important to take a proactive approach to maintaining their health. Puppies and kittens require a series of vaccinations from a young age to safeguard them against common diseases; the exact schedule and dosage will depend on their age and breed.  Regular visits to our animal hospital will ensure that your furry friend receives all of their necessary vaccinations and preventive care to keep them safe as they grow. We can also check for any potential health issues and work to address them as quickly as possible. This helps keep your furriest family member safe and healthy.

In addition to our pet vaccination services, our veterinary clinic offers deworming and parasite prevention to preserve your pet’s well-being and the overall health of your household. We also offer vital services such as spaying or neutering, dental care, and nutritional guidance to ensure that your pet is on the right track. These visits give our clinic the chance to conduct thorough physical examinations and monitor your pet’s growth and development. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to address them. 

By taking proactive action to prioritize veterinary care for your puppy or kitten, you are giving them their best chance at a long, healthy, and happy life. Reach out to our animal hospital today to learn more about our puppy and kitten plans! We have served pet owners throughout the Bellevue, WA area.

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