Why Should I License My Pet

Regional Animal Services of King County Pet (RASKC)

Pet Licensing Benefits and Awareness

RASKC is saving lives!

Pet Licensing is the sole support for the Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC). By licensing your pet you are protecting not only your pet, but thousands of pets in King County that need our help. Most of the animals in the shelter are strays or abandoned pets that rely on RASKC for food, shelter, and medical care. Pet Licensing revenues support these rescue services, as well as the adoption and foster programs utilized to get these pets into new, forever homes.

Additional important services include animal control enforcement that stops animal abuse and brings those who abuse and neglect animals to justice via the Animal Cruelty Investigations Program.

Lost pets who have pet licenses are quickly reunited with their families through the found pet information hotline

Licensed pets get a free ride homefrom RASKC! Personal delivery plus all redemption fees waived.

Licensed pets receive a longer care period. Impounded, licensed pets are held at least 5 days after telephone contact or two weeks after mailed notices.

VACATION PET ALERT for licensed pets includes free registration of alternate pet care information while you are away, just in case your pet gets loose.

FREE MICROCHIP TRACKING: Register your pets microchip number at no charge when you purchase or renew your pets license or by calling 206-296-2712. RASKC, another shelter, or veterinarian can ID your pet via this service in the event they were lost without their license tag.

FETCH YOUR PET service, a program that connects the finder of a lost pet with the owner, 24/7. Citizens who find a lost pet wearing a RASKC pet license can call the number on that tag (206-296-2712) anytime, day or night, and RASKC will provide the owners name and number for immediate notification.

And finally, it's the law. Pets residing in King County are required by law to be licensed.

There are however plenty of other great reasons to license your pets, as noted above. If we all license our pets, the number of strays in the shelter will decrease and more funding will be available for programs such as adoption, fostering, medical care, and will allow for new programs to be created to help these animals, make shelter improvements, and assist pet owners.

To license your pet, stop by our lobby and pick up a mail-in application , or visit and click on licenses and permits/How to get a Pet License

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