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Cat & Dog Boarding Services in Bellevue, WA

If you are going out of town, moving into a new home, experiencing a medical issue, or simply won't be able to care for your pet for a few days, boarding is an excellent option. Cat and dog boarding services are available at our animal hospital in Bellevue, WA. One of the great benefits of boarding your pet at a veterinary hospital is that you know that your cat or dog is in the best hands in case of an emergency. We can administer medication, provide emergency care, and monitor your pet for signs of any problems. While useful for any pet, our experience and knowledge will be especially valuable for pets who suffer from medical issues or take any sort of medication. If you want your pet to be in the most capable hands while you're away, take advantage of our cat and dog boarding services!

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Please call us to make a cat or dog boarding reservation today! 425-746-1800

We appreciate you entrusting your pet’s care to us and will make certain your furry family member receives the highest quality care available.

We are a full service veterinary hospital that also provides dog & cat boarding services for our client’s pets. As such, we provide the same high standards of care for our boarding pets that we do for our hospital patients. 

Please be aware that some animals do experience stress-related illness, which may cause their chronic conditions to worsen during their stay. Most cases of stress, such as diarrhea, are easily treatable and we will advise you of such upon discharge of your pet. In the event of a more serious illness, we will make every attempt to contact you at the numbers you provide.

Also be advised that any observed untreated, or worsening pre-existing, chronic health conditions that are causing discomfort, will be treated by our veterinarians at our standard rate. All cats and dogs must have received the proper pet vaccinations prior to boarding.

We are open 7 days a week and offer regular weekday and weekend hours for cat and dog boarding check-in and check-out. We are closed on all major holidays, and have modified hours on the day before Thanksgiving, on Christmas Eve, and on New Years Eve.

Please contact one of our front office associates or visit our website for detailed dog boarding information. Companion Animal Hospital is proud to look after pets throughout the Bellevue, WA area.

The rates listed below are per night. Please note that baths (shorthaired dogs only), nail trims, anal sac expression, and “TLC” sessions are offered while boarding for an additional fee

Dog Boarding

Canine 4’ x 4’ Dwelling …….$35.50
Canine 3’ x 5’ Dwelling …….$40.50
Second Dog in Same Dwelling …..$30.00 (sharing a 4x4 or 3x5 with another dog)

Cat Boarding

Feline Boarding …..$35.50
Second Cat in Same Condo …..$27.00

Diabetic Cat……$40.50
Diabetic Dog…..$45.50

Fees for diabetic patients include boarding fees as well as all of the extra care diabetic pets require; additional monitoring, medication administration including insulin, special diets, etc.

Day Boarding Only….$20.00
Day Boarding Only - with TLC.....$25.50

Medication Administration…… $6.50 - $11.50 per day *Please ask us for a quote for your pet

Medication administration during car and dog boarding is charged per day depending on dosing, regardless of the medication required, including supplements. All medications must be in clearly labeled containers with the name of the medication, current dose and prescribing veterinarian. See below for details.

Technician Care……..$14.00/day

• Includes additional daily care for special needs patients. Please ask the Front Office if your pet has special needs. Additional fees may apply depending on the individual needs of the patient.

Benefits of Cat & Dog Boarding Services

• Physical Activity: All pets need regular physical activity to stay healthy. It may be a simple walk for your dog or some playful interaction with your cat with some toys, but all pets need it. Our friendly staff will ensure that your pet receives ample physical activity every day.

• Meals: Although you may be gone for a bit, your pet still needs to be fed. We will keep your pet well-fed with nutritious food daily.

• Attention: Our beloved furry friends need love and attention, not just physical activity. Our staff loves all animals and will be sure to regularly interact with them and give them the attention and love they deserve.

• Protect Your Belongings: While you are away, your pet may get into things they are not supposed to. They may dig into the garbage, tear up the couch, and who knows what else. Boarding your pet keeps all your belonging safe and your home clean.

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