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Companion Animal Hospital is passionate about providing the best care and service to our pet owners and their dogs and cats. At our dog day care, your beloved pet is able to play and run around so they receive proper exercise. We will not leave your dog locked up for hours at a time. Our day care staff is experienced, loving and trustworthy. We will treat your pet as if it was our own! Play time, feeding time and walks are all included, so your dog is happy and healthy while in our care.

Does your beloved furry pal need dog day care? Here are some reasons why to enroll:
- Dogs need socialization, just like humans.
- When dogs get bored, they get in trouble.
- Dog day care can help your dog get exercise so they stay fit and healthy.
- We can help reinforce their training so they behave better at home.
- Our dog day care can make your pet more familiar with the vet and boarding facility so regular visits aren't as stressful for them. 

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We offer flexible animal boarding hours that fit your schedule, so you can rest assured knowing there is a reliable day care for your pet on any day of the week. We believe that pets are part of the family, so trust the experts at Companion Animal Hospital to love and care for your furry friend just like you do!

Visit our animal boarding services page for details about our boarding policies, our facility and our boarding agreement form. If you have any questions about our dog day care or animal boarding, contact our pet clinic today in Bellevue, WA! We can't wait to hear from you!

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