From Care to Comfort: 3 Big Benefits of Cat Boarding

When it comes to finding a safe place for your cat to stay during a vacation or long weekend, you want nothing but the best. You want to make sure the pet clinic or pet sitter you choose is patient and understanding of your furry friend’s specific needs. You probably will want ongoing updates or an understanding of how the animal hospital or practice works.

Companion Animal Hospital gets it. 

We know it is tough saying “see you later” to an animal friend—even if only for a few days away from home in Bellevue, WA. Our cat boarding services at Companion Animal Hospital are top-notch and provide the best care imaginable. We want both the animal and their owners to feel at ease when traveling or taking time for themselves away from beautiful Bellevue.

Advantages of Cat Boarding at Companion Animal Hospital

You want your cat to feel safe and content when staying overnight at a pet clinic or veterinary hospital. The cat boarding services Companion Animal Hospital offers have many important benefits that you and your beloved pet are sure to appreciate. 

  1. Continuous care. The professionals at our veterinary hospital care for your pet around the clock. We don’t want your furry friend worrying or wondering when they will get their next meal, snack, or snuggle session. The specialists at our pet clinic are always prepared to handle your pet with care, deliver medications on time, and meet any specific feeding needs.
  2. Peace-of-mind. Knowing that your cat is in a safe space with caring staff is a huge anxiety relief. Horror stories get around fast of neglected animals in cat boarding spaces where workers do not do the jobs required of them. Those fears are never a thought in our facility. We promise your pet will be loved and cared for by quality workers in a safe space.
  3. Constant comfort. The cat boarding space Companion Animal Hospital has is top-notch and perfect for keeping our feline friends busy, comfortable, and loved. With private relaxing areas as well as space to play and socialize, your cat will feel as if he or she is home during their stay. For the pets who need additional comfort and care, our team puts extra effort in when creating a comfortable space perfect for your pet. 

Finding the perfect cat boarding solution should be stressful or tricky. There are many benefits to cat boarding that aren’t always discussed. The team at Companion Animal Hospital is proud to provide a safe, warm space for our feline friends. 

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