Does Going to the Vet Stress Your Dog Out?

Most dogs are not the biggest fan of vet visits but, when they are it make yours and their life much easier. No one likes to stress their dog out, but vet visits are necessary whether it is for checkups or emergencies we want to help make it as pleasant as possible.

1. Familiarize your dog with the vet’s office casually

Bring your dog by Companion Animal Hospital for a treat even when they do not have an appointment. We will be more than happy to pet them and just say hi. Doing this will make your pet associate the vet’s office treats and attention, not just high stress situations. Companion Animal Hospital also offers dog day care and boarding, so your dog has the opportunity to come and stay with us regularly and have a lot of fun while doing so. A dog that has positive interactions with our facility will have a much less stressful visit to our vet clinic.

2. Bring treats with you to the vet

Don’t bring your pup’s daily treats with you, instead bring the good stuff. Bringing something extra yummy to reward your pet with after they handle a procedure like a shot, or any examination will make the vet visit much more enjoyable.

3. Practice at home

Practice touching your dog’s paws and ears and all over their body every day. If your pup is used to being touched, they will be less likely to resist when the vet does it.

4. Do not let your dog associate the car with the vet

Take your dog for rides to places that are less stressful and more fun, or even just for a joy ride. If your dog thinks that every time they get in the car they are going to the vet’s office they will start to stress before they even arrive, setting them up for failure. Try to make the entire experience as fun as possible for your pet from the second they enter the car until the time you get home.

5. Do not stress yourself

The more you worry the more your pet will. Support your dog but do not be overbearing because you don’t want them to think there is something to worry about.

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