How To Introduce Your Canine to Your Feline Friends

Is a new furry friend about to join your family! This is an exciting time for your household, except maybe for your cats. Cats are more quiet and reserved in their nature, whereas dogs can be a bit more outgoing and boisterous. However, these differences don’t mean that cats and dogs can’t live in harmony in your home. All it takes are a few steps and a lot of patience for your canine and feline friends to get properly acquainted with one another.


Make sure that your cat will have a dog-free space they can go to when they need some alone time. It’s a good idea to place all of their necessities, including food/drink bowls, litter box, and toys in this safe place so that they feel comfortable.


When your new dog or puppy joins the family, don’t try and introduce him or her to your cat right away. Instead, keep them apart for around three to four days. This will allow both to become familiar with each other’s scent.

Integrate Slowly 

One of the first ways to build on close contact is to feel your cat and dog on opposite sides of a closed door. This is another way to help develop familiarity and build on positive associates with food. From here, slowly start to establish face-to-face meetings. Keep these short at first; just a few minutes in a communal space (not the cat’s safe area) will do. Remember to reward positive behaviors during these meetings with encouragements like treats.


Keep At It

Some cats and dogs may take a shine to each other right away. Others may need some extra time before they warm up to one another. Watch closely to your pets’ body language and actions and continue to establish supervised meetings.

Soon enough, you can give your cat and dog time to let loose together freely so they can become true companions! Companion Animal Hospital will be here for all of your cat or dog’s health needs! Call us today to ask about animals we have up for adoption so that one of these sweet animals can find their fur-ever home!

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