How to Make Your Pet More Comfortable During Boarding

The holidays are just around the corner, so our travel plans are beginning to take shape. As much fun as your out-of-town adventures might be, you probably need to leave your pet at home. It can be challenging to find a comfortable, trustworthy place for your furry friend, but you’ve done your homework and found the perfect location. Now, all that remains is to make sure your pet is prepared for their stay and that they have everything they need to stay comfortable while they’re with us. 

Do a Trial Run

Pets, especially dogs, tend to do better if they know what to expect. Boarding can be a stressful experience for many pets because they don’t know what’s going on. If your pet is particularly attached to their routine, nervous, or prone to separation anxiety, consider doing a trial run before your big trip to minimize stress. Bringing your pet in for just one night while you’re still in town gives you a chance to see how they do - and it lets your pet become more comfortable with the boarding routine on a smaller scale. 

Adjust Sleep Habits

If your pet sleeps in bed with you every night, a night alone in our boarding facility will probably be a harsh adjustment. Help them become accustomed by sleeping alone, perhaps by keeping them in their crate or in another room at night. If they cry while sleeping alone, you can expect they’ll cry when boarding. 

Pack All the Comforts of Home

Your pet will be staying in unfamiliar surroundings during boarding; including some favorite items from home will help ease any anxieties they might have, especially when it’s time to sleep for the night. A favorite blanket, toy, or treat will smell like home and offer a sense of familiarity in strange surroundings. If you don’t trust your pets to be left unattended with toys or blankets, a favorite bone or treat could help. 

Include the Essentials

During cat or dog boarding, we try to keep as many things familiar to your pet as possible; this is especially important when it comes to food and medication. If your pet requires a special diet or a certain medication routine, make sure to write it down for us so we can follow your normal schedule. Keeping your pet on the same food for the duration of their stay will help avoid tummy issues regardless of their health status. 


If you’ve done the work of preparing your pet for boarding, you can drop them off with peace of mind, knowing that they’re with caring professionals who know what to do in an emergency and are invested in showing your pet the best time. At Companion Animal Hospital, we will do everything in our power to make sure your furriest family member has a great time when they're with us. Reach out to us today to learn more about our dog and cat boarding facilities! 

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