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Many dog owners are hesitant to place their beloved pet in doggy day care for fear that their dog will be unhappy.  Although dog day care might not be for every dog, there are many benefits for both you and your dog! When you drop your dog off at Companion Animal Hospital’s dog day care program, you know your dog is in the best hands. Our dog day care provides a safe and constructive place for your dog to run around and have fun playing with the other dogs. This way, when you are away at work or busy running errands, your dog doesn’t have to be locked up in a crate or alone at the house. Dog day care ensures that your dog has the love, care, and attention he or she needs!

Doggy Day Care in Bellevue, WA - Companion Animal Hospital

Another benefit to dog day care is that your dog will be mentally and physically active. Your dog will play with the others in dog day care as well as with the professionals at Companion Animal Hospital in Bellevue, WA. We offer planned activities for the dogs to make of the most of their time at Companion Animal Hospital. Your dog will enjoy constructive games, play with toys, and get great exercise. By the time your pooch comes home, he or she will be relaxed and well-behaved.

If you have any questions about Companion Animal  Hospital’s dog day care in Bellevue, WA, contact us today!

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