The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Any veterinary clinic will tell you that walking your dog is very important, especially for dogs with a lot of energy. Dogs are a lot like humans and need exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Here are a few benefits of getting your dog out for a walk a few times a week:

Helps your dog maintain a healthy weight - Not all dogs struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, but those that do should be walked at least a couple of times a week. If you are unsure of how to introduce your dog to walks, talk to the veterinarians at your local veterinary clinic. Veterinarians have a lot of knowledge about pets and will happily give you tips and tricks about how to have successful walks with your dog.

Helps your dog digest food - Walking your dog regularly will significantly reduce the chances of you ending up at the animal hospital with your dog for digestive issues. Dogs have an easier time pooping when they have been walking because exercise naturally improves digestion.

Reduces anxiety - Imagine being stuck in your house all day, every day for weeks without being outside for more than five minutes. Chances are your mental health would be suffering because of the lack of exercise and time outdoors. The same thing happens to dogs who are not taken out for walks regularly. You may notice that your dog seems more bored or seems to be getting into things more often than usual if you haven’t taken them for a walk in a while. Contact your local veterinary clinic for advice if you have been walking your dog and notice they still seem more anxious than usual.

Lowers chances of your dog developing health problems - No one wants to be constantly in and out of the animal hospital because their pet is dealing with health issues. Get ahead of keeping your dog healthy by walking them and giving them opportunities to run in a controlled environment. No one has the time to go on long walks every day, but even a 15-minute walk is better than no walk.

Gives your dog a chance to socialize - It’s good for all dogs to have the opportunity to interact and see other dogs and humans other than their owners. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your dog how to properly interact with kids or other adults that may ask to pet them while you are out walking.

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