Pet Licensing Laws Please Read

From The Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

Attention Pet Owners

As veterinarians, our first concern is the well-being of your animals. King County is pursuing a law that puts pets at risk. This law will force all veterinarians to turn in your private contact information when your pet receives a rabies vaccine. Why? So King County can pursue unlicensed pets and increase their revenue.

We will not do this. We fear that many pet owners will avoid non-urgent veterinary visits to avoid being reported. Fewer veterinary visits endangers pet health and potentially sparks broader health problems in the community. This barrier for routine veterinary care will immediately reduce vaccinations against rabies as well as potentially fatal and common diseases, such as distemper, panleukopenia and canine parvovirus.

Compelling veterinarians to divulge confidential information violates the veterinary-client-patient relationship. Yet, the County can legally do this.

We stand ready to work with King County to educate the public about the benefits of licensure, particularly reuniting owners with lost pets. That is good public policy.

What is NOT good policy is mandating veterinarians to turn in names of responsible pet owners who care enough to keep their pets vaccinated against rabies.

Veterinarians are animal lovers, not licensing enforcers.

We vigorously oppose any government effort forcing us to report your private contact information. You should oppose this too.

Please help us protect your private information.

Contact your Council member today, or contact our veterinary office to learn more.

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