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  • Choose Companion Animal Hospital for Dog Day Care!
    Many dog owners are hesitant to place their beloved pet in doggy day care for fear that their dog will be unhappy.  Although dog day care might not be for Read more
  • Pet Dental Care 101
    Have you noticed that your pet has bad breath? Like humans, cats and dogs require dental care, too! Without proper dental care, you pet is susceptible to oral bacteria that Read more
  • Why Should You Vaccinate Your Pet?
    When it comes to pet vaccinations, it’s simple: better safe than sorry. The sole purpose of vaccinating is to prevent your furry friend from contracting a contagious disease. It’s essential Read more
  • Does Your Dog Need Day Care?
    Top 5 Reasons to Enroll Your Dog in Dog Day CareDo dogs really need day care? Many dog owners think that dogs will be just fine left on their own Read more

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